Tome Sifter helps you discover Open Library: an open, editable library catalog, with the goal of one web page for every book, and over 1 million free ebook titles available.

Tome Sifter was awarded "Best Overall App" at the Windows 8 Pure Imagination Hackathon.

Tome Sifter runs on Windows 8 and is free.


  • Bookmark and organize your favorites
  • Integrates with Windows 8 search
  • For books with ebooks available, read online, or download PDF and ePub versions and read them on your favorite installed reader
  • Sync between devices using SkyDrive
  • Share using the Windows 8 charm
  • Snap support


  • Start typing to search titles and authors, or use the Windows 8 search charm
  • Read-online will take you to the OpenLibrary online reader, if a readable version is available
  • Snap Tome Sifter to the side when viewing eBooks to keep context while researching.
  • Tome Sifter will launch PDF & ePub ebooks using your default reader - choose your favorite from the Windows Store.
  • Take advantage of book subjects - clickable links will show you lists of books in that subject


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