Filled with the distilled goodness of the award winning Conversions In Hand for Windows Mobile, Reference in Hand provides a wealth of common (and not so common) reference information, calculations and conversions on your iPhone

Use conversions, don't just look at them

Just like Conversions In Hand, Reference in Hand includes over 200 different conversion types, including currencies. Also just like Conversions In Hand, RiH also includes a built-in calculator so you can actually make use of your conversions as you need to.

Conversion Chooser

Currencies, VATs and More

Our goal has always been for our users to be delighted in finding what they need in Conversions In Hand, when they need it.  This goal continues in Reference in Hand.

Not delighted because we're missing something that you need?  Let us know.

But wait, there's more...


...Shopping for someone special?

Use the clothing calculator to at least have a fighting chance of getting the right size.

Days Between Dates

...In a panic about dates?

Use the date calculator to figure out just how worried you should be.

Roman Numerals

...Trying to figure out when a movie was made?

Your tribulations are over.


...Dining out?

Make sure you get the tip right with the tip calculator. Because every iPhone app should have a tip calculator.


Still not convinced?

Referenece Main

Common lists...

RiH includes commonly used reference lists:

  • North American & Australian Area Codes
  • Country Codes
  • Airport and Airline Codes
  • HTML Entities
Reference List a glance

Lists are presented concisely, so you can get the information you need at a glance.

Reference List Search

Search as well as browse

A few taps lets you narrow down the list, so you can find what you're looking for quickly.

Reference List Download

Updated Content

Download new and updated lists from our web site - right from your iPhone

Reference List Download

Choose new ones, or update one you already have

(Have an idea for a useful list? Let us know)

Reference List Download

Check the details

See what you're getting, before wasting your bandwidth. We even allow for versioning.


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