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For Mac OS X

Manage, version, postprocess and share your digital images.


StoryGrinder is a tool for web writers who find themselves needing to refer to reference material in the course of writing their story, allowing web pages or snippets of textual information to be stored and viewed along with the story itself.


A freeware utility to load M3U playlists into iTunes. (Windows version also available)


For Windows Mobile

cihicon.gif (1041 bytes)  Conversions In Hand™
An award winning unit conversion program with a built-in calculator, containing over 200 different conversion types, including currencies, decimal to fraction conversion, area and country codes, roman numeral conversions, common clothing sizes, days between dates calculations and a tip calculator.
ptaicon.gif (1232 bytes)  pTravelAlarm
An alarm clock for your Pocket PC, allowing up to 10 alarms which can be set for multiple days. Includes support for MP3, OGG and WAV files, a "sleep" function to let you fall asleep to your favorite songs or ambiant sound, an hourly chime, countdown timer and Today Screen plug-in showing the next alarm.
  HotButton Plus 
One handed launching of common tasks on your Pocket PC, including applications to launch and built-in functionality such as system and network status, and with Pocket PC Phone Edition devices, phone numbers to dial.
  Phone Today
Display your Pocket PC Phone Edition's phone information on your Today screen.

ScrapPanel, pMinder and Conversions In Hand for the Sony Ericsson P800 have been discontinued and are no longer available for purchase.