Manually Updating CIH Currency Settings

CIH Currency Settings can be updated using a manual process as opposed to directly through CIH. Follow these steps to manually update the currency conversion file:

1. Using your Desktop browser, go to

2. With the currency update settings displayed in your browser, select File->Save As and save cih_curr.txt in an easily accessible location (such as on your desktop)

3. Connect your HPC or Pocket PC and select Explore in ActiveSync

4. In the explorer window that comes up, navigate to \Program Files\CIH (assuming you installed in the default location)

5. Drag and drop the cih_curr.txt you downloaded in step (2) to this location, overwriting the existing cih_curr.txt

6. At this point, stop CIH (Menu->Exit, or on earlier devices, File->Exit) and start it again. The settings will have taken effect and there is no need to use the currency update settings or currency update from the CIH menu.