Updating CIH Currency Settings Directly

CIH currency settings can be updated directly across an existing Internet connection from your Pocket PC.  This applies to both wireless connections and ActiveSync "pass-through" connections

A wireless connection is a connection in which your Pocket PC is able to directly access Internet resources through, for example, a WiFi, Bluetooth or GPRS connection.

Starting with version 3.5 of ActiveSync, it is possible to make a direct Internet connection from your Pocket PC using ActiveSync as a proxy.  In order for this to work, your Pocket PC must be in it's cradle, and your desktop system must be connected to the Internet.  ActiveSync must also be set up to allow a pass through connection.  You can check this by selecting File->Connection Settings from the ActiveSync main screen:

Once you have a connection in place, start CIH on your Pocket PC and select Menu->Settings->Currency Update Settings (Or on earlier devices, File->Settings->Currency Update Settings).  Use the following settings:

URL: http://www.burroak.ca/cih_curr.txt

Connection: Internet Connection (Or for earlier devices, Existing Connection)

Uncheck "Hang up when done."

With these changes made, and a connection in progress, you can now select Menu->Update Currency Conversions (Or on earlier devices, File->Update Currency Conversions) from within CIH to perform the update.

Tip:If you are unable to retrieve the currency update via CIH, verify that you have an Internet connection from your Pocket PC by using Pocket Internet Explorer to connect to http://www.burroak.ca/cih_curr.txt