Cumulative Change Log

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b8

  • Fix for out of memory conditions
    When applying filters to a large number of large images, Core Image would occasionally produce corrupted results.
  • Fix for incorrect removal of thumbnails on error
    Fixed a bug where attempting to apply a library filter to a set of images where no library filter was set up would still result in thumbs being removed.
  • Additional scripting additions
    AppleScript support in PictoDrop now takes advantage of Flickr's built-in thumbnail support.
  • Leopard Changes
    A number of changes for Leopard which can't be documented here.

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b7

  • Fix filter screen size determination
    When filtering a large image, the preview window height was not calculated correctly, causing the top of the window to be clipped.
  • Thumbnail support
    For libraries which are set up to sync with a server, there is now a choice on the library configuration page to upload thumbnails. If this option is checked, thumbnails will be uploaded to the server as well as the images themselves.
  • Fix potential crash in AppleScript use
    When a list of images for a synchronized library without any previous sync attempt made.
  • URL Encode urls shown in info panel
  • Fix display of Flickr "embedded" URL to reference the direct URL to the image rather than the image page
  • Added script menu
  • Scripting additions
    There is now AppleScript support to get all selected images, as well as to retrieve the on-server image url and thumbnail url.

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b6

  • Default Preferences
    Build thumbs on copy is now really the default.
  • 10.5 (Leopard) Support
    Fixed a number of problems which manifested themselves only on 10.5.
  • JPEG-2000 support
    Fixed a bug where JPEG-2000 (jp2) images weren't supported in the image list.
  • Filtering non-filterable images
    Fixed a bug introduced in 1.0b5 that prevented images which are not automatically filterable from being individually filtered.

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b5

  • Automator Actions
    PictoDrop now contains two Automator actions: "Import Images" (to import a set of images to a PictoDrop library, and "Update Images on Remote Server" (to perform an Update operation on a particular library)
  • Growl Support
    PictoDrop will now use Growl (if installed and running) to advise of the status of an Update operation, as well as the completion of image copying.
  • Save As
    When applying filters to a file, it is now possible to save it as a different format.
  • Filtering of unsavable types
    Fixed a bug where it was possible to (attempt to) apply library filters to an unsupported image type.
  • Synchronization Changes
    PictoDrop will no longer attempt to delete images from a server if the images have never been uploaded (and then deleted).
  • Additional warnings on deletion
    The warning when deleting images now includes an warning that images will also be removed from the remote server if one is associate with the library.
  • Bug: Text watermark color not saved
    If the color of a text watermark was changed in a library filter stack, the change would not be propogated unless the font was also changed.
  • Help
    Help has been updated.

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b4

  • New toolbar icons
    New toolbar icons are in place for invoking per-image filtering, library filters and preview via the Preview app.
  • New icons (generally)
    Most icons have been replaced with new ones.
  • Core Image view refresh
    The Core Image preview is now set to pure black when switching between images.
  • Core Image transparencies when saving
    When saving the result of a filtering operation, image types which do not support transparency will use black instead. The color used is configurable in Preferences.

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b3

This version deals primarily with Core Image support usability and bugs

  • Double Buffering and Live Updating
    The Core Image view used for filter work is now double buffered (which should vastly improve performance. In addition, changes to the image are no longer live - e.g. moving a slider to adjust an option won't cause the image to be re-built and re-drawn until it's released.
  • Progress indicator
    There is now an indeterminate progress indicator shown at the top of the filter stack when PictoDrop is busy re-building or saving an image.
  • Text watermark updating
    There is now an "Apply text changes" button on the text watermark filter panel. This button causes the text watermark to be re-built after changes (text, font, color) are made.
  • Settings lost on new filter insert
    Fixed a bug where settings on certain filter panels (e.g. smart resize) would revert to the default when a new filter is inserted.
  • Bounds calculation when producing a text watermark
    Bounds used in producing and aligning a text watermark now uses the image rather than screen dimensions.
  • Image watermark opacity
    There is now a slider to allow the opacity of an image watermark to be changed.
  • Missing input images
    Inserted filters which require the user to supply an image are now drawn in red if no image was supplied. In addition, the preview will now show a simple black background until an image is supplied.
  • Text watermark panel disclosure
    A disclosure twisty has been added to the text watermark panel

Other changes

  • PictoDrop Lite limitations
    PictoDrop Lite is limited to a single library. Filtering & versioning on that library is now permitted
  • Nag screen
    Nag screen is now shown at application exit on Lite version

Changes in PictoDrop 1.0b2

  • RAW support
    PictoDrop will now accept RAW images. While it is not currently possible to apply a library filter stack to RAW images, it is possible to filter them individually and save them to either JPEG or TIFF.
  • Option to auto-version
    User now has the option to create a new version when saving filter results.
  • Smart resize edge choice
    Choice of whether to apply resize based on longest edge, width or height.
  • Missing source files for CI Filters
    Missing default input files for Glass Distortion, Color Map and Shaded Material have been added.
  • Crash on cancel/FTP
    A crash when cancelling an FTP transfer has been fixed.
  • Spinning wheel on thumb building
    "Build thumbs when images copied" pref is now set by default.
  • Revamp metadata display
    Meta data is now displayed in a tabular format.
  • Geometry transformation Core Image Filters
    Access to geometry transformation CI filters through the "Filter" option has been removed.
  • Image filename extensions
    Image filename extensions are now shown in the image list.
  • Automated Updates
    Support for the Sparkle framework has been added to allow for updates from within PictoDrop.